Fanzine FAQ

What is The Black Watch?

The Black Watch is an Everton fanzine established in 2017, first sold at a home match against Tottenham. We publish articles, cartoons, illustrations, crosswords, and anything you can think of related to Everton, football, and life watching the Toffees. We publish around 8 issues per season roughly every 4-6 weeks.

Who writes it?

The fanzine is edited and written by people from all parts of the Everton diaspora, ranging from home and away regulars to fans across the globe.

Where can I buy it?

The Black Watch is sold at home games outside St Luke’s Church near the Holy Trinity statue. You can also subscribe and buy the latest issue here.

I live abroad. Can I still buy it?

Yes. We have subscribers all over the globe.

Is it available online?

Shortly. We did not offer online options in our first two seasons. However, after recent postage increases that particularly affected the cost of our international subscriptions, we will be offering The Black Watch online in 2019/20. More details soon.

Can I contribute?

Yes. We encourage and welcome new contributors. See here for submission guidelines.

How can I contact you?

By email:

By Twitter: @TheBlack_Watch